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A well-received and recognized individual in Singapore’s embalming sector; Santos came from an entire family of embalmers! Happily married with a loving wife and 3 sons who are also embalmers.


Santos arrived on Singapore’s shores back in 1975.

To Santos, embalming is not just a job, but is a mission of the heart. Having embalmed countless bodies throughout his career span, one of the most memorable moment was to embalm a 1-day old baby, which broke his heart.


His advice to any aspiring embalmers is to work with a sincere heart, the returns will be incalculable eventually.


Santos has seen a variety of cases through his embalming and restorative career and hope to see a new generation of embalmers to take over; bring the embalming scene to a brand-new level.



ANG Cai Fen


Graduated as an Embalmer from New Zealand from 2014, Sarah grew up in the bereavement sector following her family business as a Funeral Director.

With a strong interest in human anatomy, she decided to pursue a career as an Embalmer.

‘People grieve well if they have time to say goodbye and the opportunity to see their loved one who has passed on, in fact, Embalming Makes All That Possible’ is what Sarah believes in always.

Married with two beautiful children, Sydney & Brielle; Sarah works hard for her family and the future of her kids.




We were in awe when we got to know that Jolo’s aspirations was to become a priest or a pilot!

At a tender age of 17, Jolo (as we addressed him by) helped his dad in embalming and realized that embalming is a much fulfilling job to be considered as a career.

Without any hesitation, he dived into the world of embalming and he has never regretted. ‘The biggest misconception that the general public has on an embalmer is that this is a ‘dirty’ job’ as he claimed.

Many a times, when anyone was to ask what is his profession, the word ‘embalmer’ would leave most in questions, however in admiration thereafter.

While many people thought embalmers make tonnes of money, Jolo believes in doing his job with his utmost sincerity. He hoped the general public would look at embalmers in a different light - Away from ‘dirty’ but noble yet humble.




Committee Member




Committee Member





From an Aerospace Tooling Specialist to an Embalmer, one would think this career switch is a major one. To Philip, being an embalmer has always been a dream that he pursues.


Philip’s most memorable moment as an embalmer, would be his first time handling a body by himself, where he managed to present his end work beautifully to the family member.

A responsible husband, and a doting father to a daughter; Phillip hoped to be the best family man he could in years to come through his work, serving the deceased and their family members with pride and satisfaction.



Assistant Secretary

"There was a case where I embalmed a young kid. I came to get to know the mother when I visited the wake. Despite losing her child, she influenced everyone with her positiveness for life. Her encouragement for me to continue as an embalmer gave me the strength and purpose to continue to pursue my passion amidst all the hurdles. Till now, we remain as friends."

Since becoming an Embalmer at the age of 35, I have never regretted as I consider this to be noble and giving.’

As a Senior Executive in a Multinational organization dealing in supplies of chemicals, it is natural for someone like Queenie to eventually pursue a career in embalming.

Motivated as she is, Queenie aims to better serve the society through improving her knowledge and skillsets in embalming as well as to instill the professional and respectable image that embalmers should have in the society. To Queenie, being an Embalmer certainly is noble.



Assistant Treasurer

As the youngest female embalmer in Singapore, Nikko got interested in the embalming scene at tender age of 19. For who has been interested in the anatomical structure of the human body, Nikko sort the guidance of another female embalmer to fulfil her dreams and rest is history.

Recently married and is now conceiving her second child, Nikko’s husband is also in the funeral sector. Her inspirational stories and career has motivated many younger generation of funeral personnel to join the industry after being picked up by various media platforms - lauded as Singapore’s Youngest Female Embalmer.

Nikko is looking forward to serve families more in the near future!



Committee Member



Leong Yew Hong

Committee Member


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