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An Association that is open to ALL Professional Embalmers in Singapore and around the globe!

Embalmers Association Singapore 

Embalmers Association of Singapore

Embalmers Association of Singapore, also EAS, is an association that is open to all professional embalmers in Singapore and Asia. 


Our goal is to provide recognition to the person associated with the art & science of embalming.


To support the interest of persons engaged in the process of embalming and to promote improvements in the principles and administration of embalming. 


Providing a structured and high level of professional development, continuous training, and education in the area of embalming.


To be a resource center for all matters related to embalming and the provision of embalming services. Lastly to improve the welfare of members and professionals involved in the work of embalming. 





The Executive Board provides support and supervision of embalming activities, ensuring that the association remains responsive to the needs of embalmers. 


The Board carries out this mandate by, among other things, monitoring the performance of EAS; approving seminars as appropriate; and deciding on administrative, financial plans and budgets.

The Executive Board composed of 10 qualified members elected for a 2-year term.

Blue Eyes


Ethics & Care for all we serve

Hard at Work


To be an association of distinction for embalming services.







Be a member

Embalmers Association of Singapore welcomes all practicing embalmers to join us.


We are embalmers too, we will definitely understand what you will need to be recognized and get professional development, training, and education in the area of embalming. 

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